Single storey houses


Guaranteed fixed prices, no add-ons or extras

  • Whole of house windows cleaned inside and out.
  • All glass sliding doors cleaned inside and out.
  • All fly-screens and sliding door screens washed.
Double storey houses


Guaranteed fixed prices, no add-ons or extras

  • All Window & glass sliding door tracks vacuum cleaned.
  • All cobwebs removed from around window frames.
  • Internal & external sills and frames cleaned.

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About Our Domestic (Residential) Window Cleaning Services for Perth Homes

The windows are one of the first things that a person’s eye is drawn to when they look at a home. After all, they make up a significant proportion of the surface area of the building, especially in modern homes where floor to ceiling windows and glass sliding doors are common. If the windows are clean, it gives a good impression, and makes the rest of the exterior look that little bit neater. On the other hand, if the windows are dusty, grimy or have loads of cobwebs in the corner, it gives the impression that the house isn’t well looked after and that people aren’t home often. This is not only a bit embarrassing when you have visitors around, it can also be a signal to burglars that your home might be vulnerable. There are lots of other incidental reasons to keep windows and glass doors as clear as possible, from enjoying the view from your back rooms, to letting the light in properly (north and south facing rooms especially) and being able to see kids (pets) playing outdoors.

However, not everybody has time to take care of domestic window cleaning on a regular basis. If you’re not a professional, it can take a lot of time to prepare the cleaning formula, clean using standard household sponges and squeegees, and dry off the windows so they are streak free. It can also take a lot of forward planning to clean tracks, windowsills and surrounding areas so that the windows stay looking good for as long as possible. For double storey homes, the outside of the top floor windows is often neglected because they’re difficult to reach from the inside, and nobody really likes getting up on the ladder to get it done.

That’s where our professional residential window cleaners come in. As trained and experienced specialists with plenty of experience, the Complete Window Care team know how to get the job done quickly and efficiently without cutting any corners. We offer very fair and competitive fixed flat rates, so you don’t have to worry about any hidden costs or charges – it’s all included in the one low price! We charge just $250 for any single storey house, and only $480 for any double storey house.

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